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Interesting link found by [ profile] aflon

Compares both movies, but I love this quote. LOL

The remake ran on Fox's "Tuesday Night Movie" on January 7th, and stars Viggo Mortensen as Kowalski (the only way I can forgive Mortensen for this is by imagining him going "Vanishing Point? Fuck yeah!" before he'd actually seen the script).

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“I feel I’ve been incredible lucky. Lucky as hell. There are hundreds, thousand, of actors in the world, who are better than I, or least as good as I am. I’ve just been at the right place at the right time,” he says.

Viggo from Hollywood 
Poul Høi in Berlingske Tidende
16 Aug '01
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Mortensen turns down my offer to brush off the dirty cushion he'd be sitting on. "Looks like my car," he says. He pets my cat, says hi to a guy who came to drop off a package, speaks Spanish to my cleaning lady, and gives me fliers for a show of his photography and a party to celebrate the release of One Less Thing to Worry About, an album he has made of poetry and music. He is, I decide, a swell drinking companion and - our recent experience notwithstanding - not the kind of guy to get thrown out of bars. He is intense (those cheekbones and those blue eyes help: "chiselled" and "piercing" being the operative clichés) but surprisingly soft-spoken, and arty but not pretentious.

Viggo Mortensen
Steve Pond, in USA
Sep '97

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"We had long battle sequences," says the ruggedly handsome actor. "I got a tooth knocked out, broken toes, and lots of cuts and sprain and pulled muscles. Everybody had something. When my tooth got knocked out, it was lunchtime, so I went to the dentist, came back and we continued the scene after lunch. The action was pretty intense."

"We would get something ready and then, knowing we only had a few takes, just go as hard as we could," he explains. "We became a team to (the point) where we would trust each other, because sometimes we had to make adjustments on the day or on the spot or from angle to angle. Someone might do a fluid move with a sword, and then you might head-butt another guy or just scramble or crawl away or bite or kick a person. Everybody got hurt a bit. And the more you did, the more chances you had of getting hurt. But I've got to say the stunt guys really took some hits, so anything we went through really didn't compare."

The Destiny of Aragorn
Ian Spelling in Starlog magazine
February 2002

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"There's the scene where I'm at the camp before the start of the race in Arabia and I get up in the morning, crack my neck and go over to put my hat on a peg and I'm washing my face."

In that scene, Mortensen explained, Hidalgo is supposed to pick up the hat with his mouth and bring it over to Hopkins. "It's as if he's supposed to be saying, 'Let's get out of here,' " Mortensen said. A Paint named RJ Masterbug was trained to perform the task. He actually learned to pick up the hat, shake it and hand it to Mortensen. During the shoot, however, the directors wanted a close-up of the horse. Since TJ was the horse used for tight shots, it looked like another long round of training exercises for head wrangler Rex Peterson.

"TJ had been standing there the whole time, quietly, just watching Rex work with RJ. So, when they wanted this close-up, I said, 'Well, let's just try it,' and we brought TJ in. The first time, TJ picks up the hat, gently holds it, and looks me right in the eye. Every take! I mean that was amazing."

American Paint Horses ride into hearts of leading Hollywood actor and screenwriter, Mar '04

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How involved are you with Perceval Press?

That stuff on the website I update on an almost daily basis. Some days go by with travelling, but I do it from wherever I am, find little bits and pieces. It can be about science and nature, writing or quotes. Then, editing: with all the books, I see them from start to finish, right through to the printing.

Actor, poet, photographer
Philip Matthews in the New Zealand Listener
18-24 Mar '06

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Mortensen is laughing now, surprised and amused with his own behaviour. "The only word I said the entire time was the word "no". The World Cup was going on - I think it was Brazil, and whoever won I didn't want them to win - and I fell asleep watching the game and I wanted to know the end of it and I went to the guy next door. I was half asleep when he told me the score and it just came out: He utters, under his breath, a tiny "no".

The Brain Dane
Ariel Leve, The Sunday Times, 30 Nov '03

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"Every time my pockets get full of strangers' phone numbers, I empty the contents of one pocket to Dominic and the other to Billy," he says with a smile. "And then it's their problem." 

A pensive hero
Poet, painter, philosopher, photographer - 'King' actor has many faces

Bob Longino in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 19 Dec '03

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There's a good chance Mortensen has the smallest shoe collection in Hollywood.

Viggo Mortensen rides back in 'Hidalgo'
Jae-Ha Kim, Chicago Sun Times
29 Feb '04

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I have always enjoyed, to a degree going into museums, but I've also been bored when I've done that. But, once in awhile, you're walking around and suddenly "Oh wow! Look at that picture or photograph." I have had just that undisciplined sort of scatter-shot way of doing it. [If] I'm in New York City and I have time or I'm in any major city, I'd just as soon look at some kind of local folk art kind of thing. I like finding things in second hand stores. I find the most amazing drawings and a few things like that. That people wouldn't see otherwise. But yeah... about that folk artist book I'm looking through, I kind of felt like there wasn't really anything in that book of his paintings that I didn't like in some way I guess, not that my @#%$ necessarily looks like his at all, but I just thought it was pretty good."

The Fire that Fuels an Artist's Heart
Carpe Noctem  '98

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s'been a while, hasn't it?

"…he’s got the age, professionalism, look, body and he’s one of the few action heroes in modern cinema."

Agustín Diaz-Yanes
Viggo Mortensen Will Be A Splendid Captain
Gontzal Díez, The Truth of Murcail, Feb 19 2004

pic from from
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Yes I can tell you this - and its good news. Viggo is the most down to earth person you will ever meet. I can tell you this with confidence that he is very proud of his early work because he didn't take any work that he didn't care about or believe had some redeeming value. When I was living in his vicinity, he was offered tons of work and he if didn't dig it and think it had interesting or redeeming value he wouldn't do it. I haven't hung with him for a few years so I can't tell you otherwise - but I can say that the Vigster that I knew was awesome and generous and had fun at the jobs he took. He taught me so much about growing up and believing in myself I owe him so much. If you ever get a chance to meet him you will not soon forget the experience!

William Butler

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I've decided that my plans never seem to work because I tend to overthink things.

General Viggo in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge

Oh. Wrong Viggo you say?

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He's a control freak in a bad, incredibly thick polyester shirt.

Patricia Arquette in Interview magazine, June 1995

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interesting couple they would've made, don't ya think?
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”I can only speak wonderfully of [Viggo]. What's more, we have become close friends. Without Viggo we wouldn't have been able to make Alatriste. He has done incredible things for the film, and the guy is a real treasure, yes, a treasure.”

Agustín Díaz Yanes
interviewed by Robert Basic
El Correo Digital, 3 November, 2005

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He has arrived carrying a laptop computer, which he is immediately sheepish about. He is something of a Luddite. He likes to be barefoot, sometimes even at fancy Hollywood functions. Until recently, when he started watching soccer, the one television in his Venice, California, home, was used solely to play movies. He carries no mobile phone.

"I've been portrayed as a cell-phoneless savage," he says, not unhappily. But today he has got something to show me: galleys of several books soon to be published by Perceval Press, a small company he owns. He flips open his PowerBook G4, shrugs, and says, "Anybody can be co-opted."

Eats Roadkill, Speaks Danish
The appealingly weird world of Viggo Mortensen

Amy Wallace
Publication: Esquire
Date: Mar '06

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or passed out, you know on the sidewalk


link, in context

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This is room 202, practically at the top of the stairs, which has been dressed as Frank’s crash pad. Mortensen walks in and surveys its detritus. He takes a washcloth from the room’s sink, folds it, and drapes it over the railing at the foot of the bed…no, not just yet. First, he goes to the bottle of Southern Comfort that sits on the dresser, lies on the bed, and puts the bottle between his legs to open it. Then he splashes some sour mash on the washcloth and re-drapes it. With his thumb over the top, he sprinkles more over the sheets and replaces the bottle. Finally, he ponders the room’s Bible: Should it go over the bed? No. Under the pillow? No.

Then he seems to get an idea: he grabs his switchblade, inserts it as a bookmark, and places the Bible on the bed. There.

Sean Penn Bites Back, Christopher Connelly
Premier, October 1991

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There can be little doubt that Viggo’s fame generates more interest for Perceval than they might otherwise enjoy, but it’s also become clear to me that Perceval has a great deal of respect among dealers of fine art & fine art books as well as of dissident writers. Perceval’s authors are respected by their peers, and in art and politics, that’s no small claim. Viggo himself is a man possessed of both great creative integrity and strong, lucid political conviction. That he has used the fruits of his success as an actor to found Perceval is an extremely rare sort of endeavor but absolutely true to the man himself. There’s a paradoxical quality to Viggo - he’s a fiercely individual entity with an enviable creative output, but he simultaneously possesses a strong sense of community responsibility. I think Perceval is just one manifestation of that drive to illuminate work by others that might go unnoticed. It’s a very, very positive quality, in my opinion.

David Newsom
Rest of Article

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