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I had to be very discreet with the angles that I shot Viggo from. Some angles he immediately looked more like Joey than Tom and I had to really be careful.

David Cronenberg, HoV Commentary

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David Cronenberg: I hear that your Danish isn’t really very good. People have been telling me, he has got a funny accent, like a Danish Arnold Schwartzenegger or something.

Danish Magazine Cover November 2005 as translated by Anna
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Aidan Devine's (sorry, no pic at IMDb) musings on playing Ed Harris' henchman in HoV

“As far as A History of Violence is concerned, I couldn’t believe they were actually paying me to be on the same set with Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen,” says Devine.

“They are such consummate actors you learn just by watching them, and they both have such incredible work ethics.”
Devine adds Mortensen is “also one of the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet. He’d bring doughnuts to the set and make sure you had your share, and he knew everybody’s name.”

Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Sun
13 Nov 2005
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"The performance of his career so far," raved Rolling Stone's Peter Travers.

A history of success for Viggo Mortensen
Susan Wloszczyna
USA Today, Oct. 11, 2005
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"If I get nominated, sure, I'd be flattered, but it's not going to change my feeling about the movie," Mortensen said. "I think it's a really good movie; pound for pound as well executed a movie as I've ever worked on, with the most satisfying results. But it's not going to affect how I do my job either way."

Mortensen doesn't like to compare characters, films
By Phil Villarreal
October 3, 2005
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Throughout the shoot, each time Mortensen went to visit his mother, he'd purchase T shirts sporting various types of fish logos, swimming in turbulent streams. On each visit, he purchased more until soon, nearly the entire crew was garbed in fish T shirts. Fish Fridays became an event. But the fishiest event took place for the crew group shot when Mortensen and Bello presented boxes of fresh fish so various crew members could hold the red snappers up for the camera, gingerly clutching them between thumb and forefinger. Mortensen, usually unassuming, flourished a flounder the "big fish." It was all a bit whiffy, but a wonderful indicator of the camaraderie which prevailed throughout the shoot.

Cannes Film Festival 2005 Press Kit


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