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Cover: Earlier we talked about Danish film and I heard that you would like to act in a Danish production. How is the future looking?

Viggo: I do not know. I have no other plans than to promote HoV and the film I made in Spain (Alatriste). But if there is time and possibility it could be interesting. I would be happy to do something here.

Danish Magazine Cover November 2005 as translated by Anna
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Now I will never get work in Denmark…. I must say that I respect the work of Lars von Trier and Peter Aalbæk a lot. I have never met them. But I think that what they have achieved is impressive. But they miss so much. Also as human beings not only as artists. And even to brag about it. I believe it is childish and silly. The Danes who travel and experience something; I am impressed by them. Like the Americans who travel and learn about the world. Because on that path lies the possibility to avoid war and racism and all that @#$%. The other path where you say ” No, I will not, they are idiots”; I believe it is very childish and not positive.

Danish Magazine Cover November 2005 as translated by Anna
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(editor's note: like father, like son?)

What did your dad do that you moved around so much as a kid?

He's just a restless person. He just did lots of jobs, got hired by different companies to do different things. He had a farm down there for a while. His background is, he's Danish, and he was a farm kid, really. He left home as a teenager, kind of a self-made person. He's done all kinds of jobs, traveled a lot. I mean, probably, I'm grateful I guess to the fact that he is such a restless person, because otherwise I wouldn't have had all those early experiences.

Viggo Mortensen
Unreel magazine, Feb '04


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