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But post-"Rings," Mortensen is still the same talent that he always was. With about 36 movies under his belt, the respected actor knows what he likes. The difference is that he now gets to talk on national television to Charlie Rose and David Letterman. But he still chooses such offbeat projects as the horse adventure "Hidalgo" or "Violence," which was brainy and arty enough to win a competition slot at the Festival de Cannes. While he could have capitalized on his new fame and solidified his fan base by choosing more commercial pictures, Mortensen isn't inclined to sell his soul for box office gold. Next up is the starring role in the $28 million Spanish-language swashbuckler "Alatriste."

'Rings' springboard pays off big for some

By Anne Thompson
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Mortensen doesn't appear to be following the example of big stars like Brad Pitt, who alternate between their own taste and breakout commercial hits, with Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's upcoming "Babel" compensating for "Ocean's Twelve." "You have to want it," producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura says. "Viggo's ambivalent. His choices indicate that."

'Rings' springboard pays off big for some

By Anne Thompson
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"If I get nominated, sure, I'd be flattered, but it's not going to change my feeling about the movie," Mortensen said. "I think it's a really good movie; pound for pound as well executed a movie as I've ever worked on, with the most satisfying results. But it's not going to affect how I do my job either way."

Mortensen doesn't like to compare characters, films
By Phil Villarreal
October 3, 2005


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