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2009-05-08 10:30 am

hello world

'tis I.

with only two w's. means all is well in the world.
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2008-03-23 05:50 pm

humoUr me please

The Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale )

oh yeah and to the person who laughed at me when I said I had 87 caps of the Reverend. to you
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2008-02-25 09:32 pm

Gone Baby Gone

lots of piccies under the cut. I realize a couple of the initial caps were rather spoilerish and deleted them... so no spoilers for anyone planning to see the flick!

I liked the film. Very well done.

Ed & Viggo - separated at birth? )
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2008-02-25 05:44 pm

Happy Birthday, red_queen_12177!

Just wanted to wish [ profile] red_queen_12177 a very happy birthday :)

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Hope you have a wonderful day!

LJ factoid of the day: Did you know if you click on this you can see the bdays of your LJ friends who've posted theirs? :)
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2008-02-04 06:47 am
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2008-02-03 01:18 pm
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2008-02-02 06:43 am

Lucius Malfoy discusses Aragorn

In which Mark Kermode & Jason Isaacs discuss Good and GI Jane 3 mb audio file

Extracted from (Mark Kermode's entire interview with Jason Isaacs can be downloaded there.)

Feel free to pass the link on. :)

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2008-01-31 06:01 pm
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2008-01-29 04:37 pm

try this...

I can't even make it to level 3!

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2008-01-29 12:43 pm
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2008-01-27 06:24 pm
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2008-01-24 05:00 pm
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